Semalt Warns About The Danger Of Keyword Stuffing

The search engines criticize keyword stuffing, and it's not more a practice of white hat SEO. There were times when the keyword stuffing worked well to rank a website on the internet. In those days, the search engines especially Google could quickly manipulate the ranking of a page with keyword stuffing. Sites ranked in a large number based on how many keywords they had. Even if the keywords were not related to the niche of a website, it still enjoyed success as Google improved its overall ranking. At that time, you could easily hide the offending and stupid keywords inside the matching colors or the white background. Naturally, it led to terrible user experience as most people were not looking for the websites that used to open before them. Google and other search engines started then to filter out keywords placed on a website because all these sites were devoid of informative and meaningful content.

Consequences of Keyword Stuffing and Over-Optimization:

Julia Vashneva, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Agency, warns that keyword stuffing is now considered as black hat SEO tactic and is strictly forbidden. Let me here tell you that it will have only a few benefits and your site cannot enjoy success in the long run. Sooner or later Google will penalize your website if it catches that you are stuffing the keywords. There are chances that your pages will be demoted in the rankings or removed altogether.

Matt Cutts, Google specialist, warned all webmasters and bloggers about black hat SEO practices especially keyword stuffing and over optimization a few months ago. The company is trying to play a vital role in removing and penalizing all the websites that stuff keywords on a regular basis. Even the over optimization is strictly forbidden by Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Google is trying to make Google Bot smarter than before, and the company is against the over optimization and keyword stuffing. Thus, you should not use various keywords on a single page as the search engine giant will ban your site for a lifetime. In other words, we can say that Google is not going to favor keyword stuffing at any cost and it's a dangerous game. It might not lead you anywhere, and your business will be destroyed.

Google and other search engines dislike the black hat SEO strategies especially keyword stuffing and want the webmasters not to beat their algorithms with such stupid techniques. Insert keywords safely in your articles, and the keyword density should be between two to five percent. Instead of using the same keywords lots of time, you should use both short tail and long tail keywords and phrases throughout the articles to give them a more impressive and professional look. WordStream offers its customers lots of SEO toolbars that help you generate short tail and long tail keywords and variations and keep the records of how many keywords you have used to hit the desired density level. Another idea is to implement synonyms and search engines will not blacklist your website.

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